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Favourite spots in Milan by chef Andrea Berton


On the occasion of "Starry Escape" (Evasione Stellata) where we have the pleasure of hosting Andrea Berton among the leading chefs of the initiative, we asked him to participate to our "Places of the heart" column to discover his view and tips about Milan. 

You are Milanese by adoption: what is your relationship with the city? 

For me Milan is THE CITY, because I live there, I work there. Milan has given me a lot for which I am grateful. I couldn't live or work anywhere else today. 



An image of the panorama of the Porta Nuova district and the Biblioteca degli Alberi, the new park.



The Sforzesco Castle is one of the largest castles in Europe as well as one of the main symbols of Milan and its history.

3 Places you love in Milan 

I have in mind three unique and historical points of a city that has so much to tell. I find them three fascinating places.

I would start from the Porta Nuova area where "the new Milan" stands with its modern buildings, where there is my restaurant, but also the Library of Trees (the new public park Biblioteca degli Alberi:  located in the area between Piazza Gae Aulenti and the Isola district) which is a place where nature coexists perfectly with the context. I think it is an example of what cities today must represent.

Then there is the Castello Sforzesco, a very beautiful historical and culturally rich place that represents Milan from every point of view. Those who come to Milan must visit the Castle because it is a magical place.

A third place that fascinates me is the Last Supper. Seeing the painting of Leonardo's Last Supper on one of the internal walls of the former refectory of the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie is a unique experience in the world, unrepeatable. 


3 things to do for those coming to Milan for the first time 

Milan is a city of opportunities, of relationships but also of tourism.

I would propose to go to Senato Hotel Milano first, to stay and rest well. And then go eat in restaurants as a second thing. So we have already done two (laughs).

Seriously, Milan has also become the city of food in recent years.

For those who come to Milan, visiting and trying different cuisines, both Italian and not, becomes today an element of attraction for travelers. And this is an aspect that I strongly support.

Today there are also many exhibitions, many places of interest such as the Museum of the '900 and then the Foundations such as that of Prada which are accessible places, places of culture but also of entertainment for tourists in the city. 

The Sala Fontana of the Museo deel 900, and the view of the Duomo.



A secret in the kitchen to share with the guests of Senato Hotel Milano? 


If it were a secret I could not share it ... More than a secret I give you some advice. 

“Always pay maximum attention to the quality of the products. For this reason, when I travel to a new place, I let myself be guided by the local cuisine. The same spirit that I wish for travellers arriving in Milan, at Senato Hotel ... be guided by the culture of our Italian food.” 

Starry Escape ... who should you go with? 

First of all we should go with the right "mood", that of living a moment of pleasure, enjoying a particular and unique aperitivo. Then each of us is free to live it with whoever they prefer. For example, why not try it by yourself? If, on the other hand, you choose to be in company -which could be a friend or the person you love- it is always the right spirit, the predisposition that must guide our senses ... Staying in a hotel in the center of Milan, with the possibility to enjoy an original aperitif. I think this is the right way to fully experience this "Starry Escape" !

The contents of Andrea Berton's box for STARRY ESCAPE

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